Apollo Transolutions

is a company specialised in the provision of written translations, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Many years of experience in the translation industry, broad knowledge in numerous areas of expertise, as well as the use of modern translation tools enable us to provide domestic and foreign companies with high-quality written translation and interpreting services (simultaneous and consecutive):

English to German translation

German to English translation

English to Serbian translation

Serbian to English translation

German to Serbian translation

Serbian to German translation

Fields of expertise of our translation and interpreting services

  • Economy and Finance

  • Trade and Marketing

  • Contracts and Legal Documents

  • IT and Computing

  • Medicine and Pharmacology

  • Industry and Technical Data Sheets

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Society, Culture and History

  • Politics

  • Sports and Education

Native level translations

The founder and owner of Apollo Transolutions, Nemanja Gagić, lived for over 15 years in Switzerland, where he finished his primary and secondary education. He studied Business Administration and Law in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and completed Business Studies in Belgrade (Serbia).
Since 2008, Nemanja has been working in Belgrade as a translator and business consultant on numerous business and translation projects with clients from several countries. German and Serbian are his mother tongues, whereas he speaks and translates English at a native speaker level. Over the years, his translations and interpretations into German, English and Serbian have made him one of the most sought-after translators in Serbia.

Expert knowledge + modern tools = high-quality translation

Thanks to the continuous development of knowledge and technical skills, but along with the efficient use of all available technical and electronic tools, all requested written translations are delivered in top quality and short times.
The successful work on several hundred translation projects (written translations, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation) with numerous companies from several countries speaks of it.

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