High-quality and fast translations

of websites, presentations and other professional documents

Accurate simultaneous interpretation

for congresses, seminars, conferences and other events

Intuitive consecutive interpretation

for business meetings, technical training and other events

We offer translation and interpretation services for the following languages:

English to German translation

German to English translation

English to Serbian translation

Serbian to English translation

German to Serbian translation

Serbian to German translation

Fields of expertise

  • Economy and Finance

  • Trade and Marketing

  • Contracts and Legal Documents

  • IT and Computing

  • Medicine and Pharmacology

  • Industry and Technical Data Sheets

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Society, Culture and History

  • Politics

  • Sports and Education

Specialised in written translation and interpreting services

Apollo Transolutions is a company specialised in the provision of written translations, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Many years of experience in the translation industry, broad knowledge in numerous areas of expertise, as well as the use of modern translation tools enable us to provide domestic and foreign companies with high-quality written translation and interpreting services (simultaneous and consecutive).

Specialised written translations

Written specialised translations are an entire process that requires broad expertise in the respective field. It’s impossible to any translator to be an expert in all fields, but modern electronic tools enable every translator to get familiar quickly and efficiently with every topic and terminology of any area. All of our specialised translations are the result of many years of translation experience and deep and clean research in the field.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreters are usually engaged at events with many participants, where the time is limited. This is considered the most intellectually demanding and challenging type of translation because the interpreter needs to know the respective area of expertise very well. The consecutive translator is also expected to translate the spoken content simultaneously into the target language.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreters are usually engaged when two or more actors have a two-way communication. When providing a consecutive translation, knowledge of the culture and mentality of each interlocutor crucial for the success of the interpretation. We stand out for our ability to build a bridge between the interlocutors, not only from different countries but also with different culture and mentality.

Quality control

Expert knowledge and experience is only the first part of any translation. Equally important parts are the review and proofreading of terminology, grammar and spelling mistakes. We use modern methodology and software tools that ensure maximum quality, consistency, accuracy and minimise the number of errors in each translation.

In the case of comments or suggestions for any of our translations, we will optimise the translation to the maximum satisfaction of the client.

What clients think of us

We are extremely honoured and pleased to know and cooperate with Mr. Nemanja Gagić. Apart from being a great expert in German and English, his qualities (such as striving for perfectionism and reliability in every task and project) are crucial to our long-lasting cooperation.
Nevena and Petar Ivičić, Abeceda centar, Belgrade

Dear Nemanja, I thank you very much for your good cooperation over the past 2 years. I am very satisfied with your interpretation and translation services, and I can confirm that they have been well understood and accepted by all recipients. If we continue our activities in Serbia, I am looking forward to using your services again for our company. Thank you for always delivering the translations we needed within the agreed time.
August Jost, Inagen agro & energy, Austria

Good German translators are very rare, and Nemanja Gagić is undoubtedly one of them. I have been working with Nemanja for several years and during this time it never happened that the client was dissatisfied with his translation. On the contrary, we are often asked to hire no one but him him, even by clients from Germany, who are generally very demanding and not easy to satisfy when it comes to the quality of the German language. Without a dilemma, Nemanja is a great expert in German, but also reliable, fast, accurate and pleasant to work with.
Jelena Galik, Lako do prevoda, Belgrade

I have been working as a translator for several years in Germany. When it comes to translations from Serbian to German, I have noticed huge differences in the translation quality from translators in Serbia. A positive surprise was my cooperation with Nemanja. His translations are generally of top quality, and I especially need to highlight those in the medical field. As a native German speaker, I can recommend Nemanja and his work to you.
Vladimir Jukić, Certified Court Interpreter for German, Offenbach, Germany

It was of exceptional value to us to work with you as a translator. Your excellent education and correct appearance supported our project in the best way when it comes to language communication. You were very well prepared for our project’s field of expertise, and the speed and accuracy of your translation were impressing and very helpful to us!
Ök. Rat Gerhard Wlodkowski, Austria

For many years, I have been collaborating with Nemanja on translation projects for German and English. In addition to his outstanding knowledge of these two languages and the terminology in numerous fields of expertise, Nemanja is a great professional and perfectionist. My clients highly appreciate the quality of his translations, especially those in German, which, because of its complexity, is one of the most difficult languages to translate to.
Sandra Bilić, Korak do prevoda, Belgrade

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