You are organising or directly following a congress, seminar, conference, lecture or another event with participants from multiple language areas?


You are participating in an online technical training in a foreign language, where you would like to follow the instructions in a high quality, accuracy and without delay?


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Most intellectually challenging form of translation

Simultaneous translations are considered the most intellectually challenging form of translation. The interpreter is required to have excellent knowledge of the area of expertise and the ability to translate the spoken content into the target language, with a delay of no more than a few seconds.

At events with many participants, simultaneous translations are performed in a soundproof cabin. The interpreter simultaneously hears the lecture in the source language through headphones, and translates it into a microphone into the target language. At events in specific fields of expertise, there might be 2 or more interpreters in the cabin, who switch every 15-30 minutes. This is considered the optimal time a translator can keep the concentration in order to be able to simultaneously listen, analyse and translate without a break.

Fast and accurate simultaneous translations

Engaging our company will enable you to provide all participants of your congress, seminar, conference, training or other type of event with a fast and accureate translation into the target language. You will prevent time losses at your event due to language communication.

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