You are organising or having an important business meeting with partners from a foreign language area?


You have foreign guests at your event or you are sending a delegation to an event abroad?


You are organising a technical training with an instructor or participants from a foreign language area?


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Bridge between different cultures and mentalities

The success of any mutual communication between people from different language areas can often fail due to their different culture and mentality. In order to bring the interlocutors from different language areas closer together and to build their mutual trust, it is crucial that the translation of the spoken content is adapted to the culture and mentality of each listening interlocutor.

The interpreter’s task is to build a bridge between the interlocutors from different countries and cultures. The difference between average and excellent interpreters lies in their sensitivity when it comes to adapting the translation to the culture and mentality of each interlocutor.

Intuitive consecutive translations

Our excellent knowledge of the culture and mentality of the people from the English, German and Serbian speaking area enables us to provide high-quality and intuitive consecutive interpretation. You will meet the goals of the business meeting, technical training or other event to the satisfaction of all participants.

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